Build an energy efficient PoS cryptocurrency with its own blockchain in a few minutes

This generator is based on NXT Clone Starter Kit, it guides you toward the full process of creating your Proof of Stake blockchain

npm run generate ************************************************************* Welcome to Nxt clone Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency generator ************************************************************* ? Name of the Blockchain KittyCoin ? Symbol of the coin KITTY ? Peer port 6874 ? Testnet peer port 5874 ? API server port 6876 ? Website of the project Congratulations, your Cryptocurrency is now generated. You can now run it, with `cd KittyCoin` then run `sh ./` then `sh ./`'

More than a Cryptocurrency, a blockchain

Based on Nxt Blockchain and under JPL Licence, the generated cryptocurrency will have its own blockchain with plenty of features and advantages

Headless process

Building a blockchain with this generator is very easy, just follow the steps!

Proven technology

This blockchain source code is also used for NXT and Ardr which are cryptocurrencies that already proven to be stable and reliable

Energy efficiency

The cryptocurrency will use the Proof of Stake consensus which does not need any specific mining hardware, it only requires simple servers


The generated source code can be easily read and it is written in Java for the api and the services, and the wallet itself is build in Javascript and web technologies

Mobile ready

Even though it's not documented yet, the source code contains a mobile cordova app to build an android app

Asset exchange

This blockchain comes with an asset exchange, so you can use this to decentralized and track any asset you want to

Issue other currencies

Issue as many currencies inside your generated blockchain with the API or the very easy to use wallet

Voting system

A voting system is also included with the generated blockchain

A lot more

The generated blockchain contains also other features such as encrypted messaging, and cloud hosting