Supercharge your project with your own energy-efficient cryptocurrency

CoinGenerator builds your own Proof of Stake blockchain in no time

Are you wasting too much time trying to create your own cryptocurrency?
Do you want to avoid high transaction fees?
Are you looking for a secure and green alternative to mining?

CoinGenerator will bring an eco-friendly cryptocurrency to your projects


Get your own customized blockchain in no time

No more time wasted writing code, easily generate your coins and wallets


No more gas transaction fees

Because you are creating your own blockchain you make your own rules. No need to pay other blockchains fees, like you would do for example with Ethereum tokens


Secure blockchain but not at the expense of the planet

Your blockchain will follow the Proof of Stake consensus to guarantee security. Unlike Bitcoin, it doesn’t require mining!

Sounds amazing, but I'm not a tech person

No problem, contact us and we can set up the blockchain for you

Focus on your core project

Don't reinvent the wheel - focus on what's important to your project instead!

Generate your crypto
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Empower your users

Bring transparency and decentralisation to your users. Moreover, with CoinGenerator you will get a voting system out of the box.

Empower your users
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Incentivise your business

Use your cryptocurrency to incentive your users toward your goals and make them an active part of your projects

Start incentivising your business
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Create an ecosystem around your project

Connect your clients, users and providers together around the same blockchain and get instant traceability of any asset.

Create your own ecosystem
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Icon Energy efficiency Energy efficiency

Icon Hassle-free process Hassle-free process

Icon Proven technology Proven technology

Icon Maintainable Maintainable

Icon Mobile ready Mobile ready

Icon Dencentralized exchange included Dencentralized exchange included

Icon Issue other currencies Issue other currencies

Icon Voting system Voting system

Icon And much more And much more

Self served - Open Source


  • Access to the GitHub repository
  • Access to the Telegram community
  • Tutorial
  • Early adopters for your cryptocurrency
Read the documentation

Proven technology based on NXT Blockchain

Under JPL Licence

Out-of-the-box tailor made

Starting from 500 €

  • Running customized blockchain
  • Installable wallets
  • Source code
  • Running nodes
  • Documentation
  • Priority support
Hire us

Proven technology based on NXT Blockchain

Under JPL Licence

Frequently Asked Questions

Why build your own crypto?

Just a few use cases: Build a local currency for your city, an asset management system for your company, an internal bonus system for your employees, or integrate blockchain into your existing product (e.g. to create a gamification ecosystem for your app).

Why should I hire you, if it's open-source?

Crypto technologies can be hard to understand if you don't have a technical background. We can help you while you can fully focus on your project

Is it worth the price?

Customizing the code, setting up the wallets, hosting and running the nodes, and compiling takes time. We will take care of it. Hiring us will save you days of work and therefore money.

Can I trust you?

Yes you can. We are a team of engineers specialized in software engineering and blockchain. Let's have a chat together so we can get to know each other.

Is it secured?

Yes. This blockchain source code is also used for NXT and Ardor which are cryptocurrencies that are already proven to be stable, reliable, and well maintained since 2013.

What is the JPL Licence?

The most important terms of the JPL license are that you need to keep it open-source and that 10% of your coins will be automatically airdropped to the NXT holders. If you want a fully private blockchain you need to contact the NXT team.

How do I get early adopters?

Because 10% is airdropped to the NXT holders, there will already be people owning your coins who are willing to use them. On the launch of new networks, we will communicate with the NXT team so that they can announce it on their channels (ardornxt slack, telegram and

Supercharge your project with your own energy-efficient cryptocurrency

CoinGenerator builds your own Proof of Stake blockchain in no time